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Learn to Swim. Go faster, swim further.

Learning how to swim is simple with OC private training. Our water educators have entire lifetimes in and around all types of water. Our swim teachers have swam hundreds of miles in pools, open ocean and lakes. Each requires a slight stroke adjustment to optimize your swim in these changong conditions. Our swimming instructors specialize in teaching beginners how to swim, different stroke styles, and water comfortablility When you learn to swim in California, your life changes. You can enjoy the ocean safely, swim outdoors for exercise, cardio or even a impact-free workout! Maybe you'll even want to finally try out the snorkeling/SCUBA trip you've held off.

Whether you are new or a club swimmer, fixing your stroke before you train and engrain a bad habit saves time and energy every lap you swim. Small changes in your stroke posture can easily make your body sink, offer little chances for a small, short breath, or over work critical muscles. Once we fix your techniques, you'll glide effortlessly across the water surface, drop lap times, and feel much more comfortable and confident when swimming below the surface.

Why are we the best?

-OC swim instructors have league titles in various strokes.

-We simplify things to help your mind maximize habit-correcting.

-You can swim where you feel comfortable with our mobile swim instructors.

Where do you fit in?

Adults looking to learn benefit most from 60 min sessions. We maximize your distance per breathe, ease of stroke, style and technique instruction/optimization, and flip turns.

AngelFish - This class introduces your child to the water, floating, safety and breathing techniques. The focus develops the beginning steps of learning how to swim. Our swim instructors will teach your young child in a way that will excel him to new heights. Little or no prior swim instruction is required.

Piranhas - This class will teach the front stroke (freestyle), elementary backstroke, diving, and underwater comfort. We will also bring focus of challenges involving team work with relay racing. This class is a child's middle level.

Sharks - This advanced class challenges children who can swim the front stroke (freestyle) and backstroke without help. OC swim instructors focus heavily on speed and correct form. We create a fun program to build skills in treading water, diving, flip turns and other strokes. Swim goggles and cap highly recommended.

Ready for our Pricing?

Private Lessons Children - 30 min.

10 sessions - $35 each

5 sessions - $40 each

1 session - $45 each

Semi-Private Lessons Children - 30 min.

as low as $10-15 PER SESSION!

Private Lessons Adults - 60 min.

10 session - $55 each

5 session - $60 each

1 session - $65 each

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