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Maximize your company's staff output and energy. Save thousands on potential healthcare claims and injuries.

Fitness and Maximization of your business with CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAMS form OC Private Training.


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Health is not just a long-term thing. To an employee, physical health, mental health and daily feelings all come into play when determining the output of quality work. Daily there is boredom, laziness, or mental distractions among employees, exercise can reduce all of the ailments above and more. Exercise will increase productivity, engage their minds, and help their bodies hold up to the conditions of life. Would it be easier on your business if you add lowered employee expenses and raised the speed and motivation of employees? Would your business change if you stopped paying more for less work, less loyal staff, less productivity and more health expenses and injuries? OC Private Training can protect your investment along with improving your life and the lives of all your staff!

Direct Affects on your wallet: Reduces Health Care cost, Increases Productivity, Reduces Absenteeism, Reduces Turn-over, POSITIVE RETURN ON FITNESS INVESTMENT!

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Save where it counts

The Coors Brewing Co. found that, in 1990, it returned $6.15 for every dollar spent on its corporate fitness program. This was the sixth year of its fitness program with annual returns from $1.24 to $8.33 for each dollar spent. - This is Corporate Wellness and its Bottom Line Impact, Wellness Councils of America, 1991.

Kennecott Copper Co. showed that, over four years, for every dollar invested in its corporate fitness program, the company returned $5.78. - The Cost Effectiveness of Corporate Wellness Programs, American Institute of Preventive Medicine, 1991.

Equitable Life Assurance realized a return on investment of $5.52 per $1 in the first year of its corporate fitness program. - Fitness in Business, Robert Kaman, pH.D., Oct. 1987.

Over five years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana realized a 250% return on its corporate fitness investment—with a cost-benefit ratio of $2.51 for every $1.00 invested. - (American Journal of Health Promotion, Kenneth R. Pelletier, March/April 1991)

Proof and findings

It has been shown that corporate wellness/fitness programs do reduce health care costs. For example at Steelcase Corporation, medical claims were 55% lower among employees that engaged in a corporate fitness program over a six-year period. The average fiscal difference was $478.61 for participants, and $869.98 for non-participants. - (American Journal of Health Promotion, Loize Tze-ching Yen, Sept./Oct. 1991)

DuPont, in a three year study, saved $1.6 million in the first year of its fitness program, $1.5 million in the second, and $3 million the third year. - American Journal of Public Health, Robert L. Bertera, pH.D., September, 1990.

Texas Instruments achieved a 91% reduction in workers compensation costs for musculoskeletal disorders, from $2.6 million in 1991 to $224,000 in 1996. Also, the average cost for each musculoskeletal claim declined from $21,946 in 1991 to $5,322 in 1996. - Pudget Sound Business Journal, Sougata Mukherjee, September, 1997.

Improved Efficiency: NASA showed that employees in an exercise study had increased stamina and work performance which amounted to a 12.5% increase in productivity. - Company Sponsored Employee Fitness Program, The Association for Fitness in Business, 1991

Boost Morale: At Asstchi & Saatchi Advertising, 63% of employees enrolled in its’ fitness program cited improved productivity and 75% said that it was attributed to greater morale. - Good health Good Business, Johnson & Johnson, Second Quarter, 1990.

Reduced Mental Errors: Fit workers committed 27% fewer errors on tasks involving concentration and short term memory as compared to un-fit workers.”- Ergonomics, Hans Sjoberg, 1983.

Mesa Petroleum’s absenteeism was over 50% lower than the national industry average as a result of its fitness program- 1.6 days per year, compared to the national industry average of 3.4 days per year. - Reports on Mesa Corporate Health and Fitness Program, Mesa, Inc., 1990.

Northern Gas Co. employees who are in the corporate exercise program have 80% fewer sick days than non-exercising employees. - Health Promotion and Education Programs, Riverside Occupation Health Services, 1991.

Retension: Tenneco found that those who participate in its corporate fitness program were 13% less likely to leave than other employees. - Business & Health, Kathleen Doherty, Feb. 1989.

Loyalty: British Columbia Hydroelectric employees revealed a turnover rate of 3.5% for fitness program participants, compared with a company average of 10.3%. - Benefits of Employee Health Programs, Cigna, 1991.

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