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Weight Loss

Successful weight loss requires life-long weight management and commitment beyond cutting calories and we can help you DO IT NOW!

We use specialized training when implementing a Weight Loss program which ensures a consistant drop of inches from the waist. Our clients have had life-changing results, watching the fat conform into a better, leaner and healthier body. All they did was show up to the personal training session.

Our vision is that every kid and adult leaves our session thinner, but had FUN! The reason for gaining weight is simply that more calories are eaten than burned off. Consistancy is the major problem preventing success. We make the customized Calorie Cutter a challenging workout that will feel like playtime. Making exrecise FUN is the key to long-term consistancy.

How to get started?: Click Here

A little bit about Obesity....

Obesity can affect anyone at any age! The last few years have shown large increases in the amount of children and adults in America. The disease is frequently genetic but also commonly caused by consistantly bad food choices, tons of sugar and little exercise. Exercise can be fun! The longer one waits before becoming more active, the harder it will be to lose the weight & the body suffers much more damage.

The average obese person is likly to either have impact and weakness related injuries along with Cardiovascular disorders. High blood pressure or hypertension may end up in the development of heart ailments, kidney failure and even strokes. Excessively obese people are almost six times more prone to heart diseases as compared to an active person. The fattened heart needs to work harder leading to congestive heart failure. They may have increased bad cholesterol levels (and low good cholesterol) in the blood causing serious heart problems like hardening of blood vessels. Diabetes is the common most ailments in obese people. Sadly, heart attacks are the ultimate, unpreventable killer after years of body misuse. Live longer, Play harder, Have FUN. Congrats on taking the first step! Call OC Private Training, we will take care of the rest.

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