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Learn Sports! Try, Have FUN!

Have you always felt like learning a new sport, or even perfecting your own?
OC Private Trainers have accomplished athletes ready to help you progress in your own game. Orange County has an abundance of parks, ocean, pools, and rock climbing gyms. With our mobile personal training system, we can utilize this privilege to your advantage. Our personal trainers have specific training TO TEACH skills and not just perform.

We work with kids and adults of all ages and skill levels. OC personal trainers pay close attention to making a successful learning out of each session. Getting good at any sport requires an ideal movement pattern and a simple progression of skills. We break skills down into 3 easy steps. The presentation helps you excel without overloading.

We offer you a sense of accomplishment, success and a new self-image. OC private trainers challenge you to live your life, live on the edge (but safely), bring your body to a new level. You will play, have fun, and fulfil your dreams. You will leave successful, learn, tone your body into great shape without ever realizing that it an actual workout, not just a sport. We bring the fun into living healthy.

Why are we the best?
- We can expose you safely minimizing your risk of injury.
- You WILL learn the most efficient way to learn.
- You WILL save time and money.
- You will Not need to re-learn the correct way ever again.
- If in the water, we staff trained lifeguards.
- On land, we require all trainers to maintain a CPR and First Aid Certification.

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