golf,training,golf swing train,drive

golf,training,golf swing train,drive
Markwort Power Swing Golf Training Aid. $$ 71.95

Add 40 yards to your drive
Develop strength and muscle memory
Perfect a smooth powerful swing using wind resistance

Boost your Golf Game. Try Now

foam rollers

$7-30. Use round rollers for stability exercises and myofascial release and alignment and half round rollers for balance and stabilization. Improves alignment and hip mobility while increasing core flexibility.

--$9- Rounded 6 inch, 12"
--$7- 1/2 Rounded 6 inch, 12"
--$39- Heavy Load Roll, 36"
--$30- EVA Foam Roll,36" ***
--$24- Rounded 6 inch, 36"

the stick

the stick,massage,massage tool
$29-40. Massage Those Muscles. Exhilerating pain and tension relief. The Stick is a revolutionary medical device to treat muscle pain and trigger points that is made of a space-age plastic that will allow necessary flexibility of the tool, providing maximum compression of the muscles.

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Stability Balls

hu$12-30 Burst resistant exercise ball. 45 cm - 75 cm to allow perfect fit for your body size. These balls have a #600 tensile strength to the rubber. Balls come with DVD and air pump.

--$17- Anti-Burst Slow Leak Yoga

--$12- Anti-Burst Ball, 55 cm

--$13- Anti-Burst Ball, 65 cm

--$17- Anti-Burst Ball, 75 cm

Heart Rate Monitor

$115. There are several models and brands, with various options from $50-380. The most critical are ease of wrist watch, use of strap, ability to transmit to cardio, and uploading of workouts.

Track Your Calories!
Polar F6

Polar FS2 $74

Polar R100 $120

Wrist Medicine Ball

wrist,training,medicine ball, weighted ball$35. Great for Wrist strengthening. It can be used as a traditional medicine ball or it can replace standard weights or dumbbells. The newly designed handles allow for a better grip and stability while in use. 10” diameter Dimensions : 3/8" x 23" x 72".

#6 Medicine Ball, $35

#9 Medicine Ball, #50

air balance pad

airex,balance pad,air pad,core training$20. Diameter 13". Sitting on a balance disc helps achieve better posture while burning calories. Stand on one or two while using weights for a core challenge. Comes with air puck.

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Intro Specials!

skinny,flat belly,tone,abs





Bosu Sport

bosu,bosu sport,balance,core training

$60. Sport 45, 55, & Original. The Sport Bosu models 45 & 55 offer a cheaper alternative to the $120 Bosu Ball Original. The quality is designed for less industrial use and more home usage. Used for instability training and neuromuscular control techniques.

Improve Your Core & Balance

fitness mat

fitness mat,yoga mat,aeromat fitness$12. AeroMat Fitness Pad. Look to make sure any mat you buy is easy to hang and sanitize. Lightweight mats, 48"L x 20"W x 1/2" thick.

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TRX training Straps

lp$150. Developed in the Navy SEALs. TRX System is the original bodyweight-based Suspension Training System designed to deliver peak core functional fitness to soldiers, athletes, trainers and clients—indoors and out.

Train like a NAVY SEAL

airex foam pad

skinny,flat belly,tone,abs$59.99. Great for joint rehab of legs. Top Quality for heavy usage. Closed-cell foam is Sanitized, does not absorb water, and is easy to wash.

Foam, Therapeutic grade!




Power Plate

$4500 for the Home model. Produces a vibration through which energy is transferred from the platform to the body. Vibration Technology increases the production of regenerative and repair hormones, improves blood circulation, strengthens bone tissue, improves lymph drainage and increases basal metabolic rate. All this results in more strength, more speed, more stamina, rapid recovery of muscles and tissue, increased flexibility, mobility and coordination, improved collagen production, and fat reduction.

See More on New Vibration Tech

Power Blocks

lpAdjustable Dumbbells & Stand. Sportblock is $169 and adjustable from 3-21 lbs. in 3 lb. increments. Personal PowerBlock is$299 and adjustable from 5-45 lbs. in 5 lb. increments. These are more sturdy and durable than the Bowflex version.

Power Blocks or Sport Blocks

Schwinn Air Bike

schwinn,exercise bike,air bike,cardio bike,bicycle cardio$699 base model. Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike with Optional Upper Body UpgradeA clean looking compact exercise bike for easy cardio. Many electronic and generator bike are out in the market. Upright bikes burn more calories than recumbent bikes.

Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike!

Kettle bells

kettle bells,correctional,power,strength,kettlebell weights$30 - $180. Kettlebells work the body across a wide range of angles, developing total body strength, power, and endurance. Available in 11 different weights: 4kg (8.8lbs.), 8kg (17.6lbs.), 12kg (26.4lbs.), 16kg (35.2lbs.), 20kg (44lbs.), 24kg (52.8lbs.), 28kg (61.6lbs.), 32kg (70.4lbs.), 36kg (79.2lbs.), 40kg (88lbs.), and 44kg (96.8lbs). How To Book & DVD set $50.

Heavy Weights

Medium & Small Weights

Vinyl Coated


PLyometric Training equipment

stepups,cardio steps,stackable steps,plastic,rehab Stackable Steps. Interlocking Plastic Steps. $40 4" step, $50 6" step. Safety features include rounded corners and non-slip bottom. Lifetime Warranty.

Jump Ropes

jump rope,cardio,tone,jumping,speed rope
$8 - $39. Many models, weights and grips. Prices depending on bearings, weighted rubber and speed handles of rope.

$8 Economy Rope

Aero Speed top-quality

$13 Segmented Plastic

Magic SPEED Rope

agility Ladders

agility ladder,quickness,speed,footwork,fast,sport training
Agility Ladders. Improve your quickness, speed and balance with this essential training tool.

$60 Single Rung rubber ladder. Dimensions Rungs are flat and form 9 sections, each 12" wide and 16" long .

ABC Ladder Professional $90. A 10 yard long, 16" wide ladder with sturdy flat plastic rungs that form 19 squares, each 17" long.

ABC 1/2 Ladder $55. 5 yards length.

jumping shoes

vertical jump,hops,basketball jump,jump platforms,jumping shoesVertical Jump Shoes! Improve your vertical height and jumping power. Very Easy to use daily.
$30 for Jump Soles which go over the toes of any shoe to make the same effect.

Strength Jump Shoes $129 for entire shoe and platform one-piece.

Speed Vest


Lose Weight & Gain Speed

speed Parachute

speed parachute,parachute,power,track,run fast$90 - $112 depending on resistance size of parachute.

Speed Parachute

Economy Parchute

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Train For Your Sport and Excel. Start Here with our Velocity Program! We maximize your Sports Performance and Success.

Banana Hurdles

hurdle,safe plastic,jumping hurdles
$9 - 18 Banana Hurdles. A durable PVC hurdle which you can step, jump, or run over. Available in 6", 12", 18", and 24" heights. The 6" and 12" steps weigh less than 1 lb; 18" and 24" are under 3 lbs.

Safe Plastic Banana Hurdles

X-Vest Weight vest

weighted vest, plyo vest,football training
$185. X-Vest,
Highly Adjustable Weighted Vest. A 2-pieced clam-shell speed vest designed to carry an additional #20 to #80 to your body weight. Burn more calories and gain sports performance and speed when worn during any activity or work out.

Highly Adjustable Weighted Vest


yoga equipment

$62 Kit contains : (1) Natural Rubber Mat (1) Foam Blocks, (1) Yoga Strap- 6ft. Perfect Start-up Kit for all Yogi's.

$28 Kit contains : (1) Yoga Mat (2) Foam Blocks, (1) Yoga Strap- 6ft. Beginner Starter Kit.

Natural Rubber Mat

natural mat,yoga mat,eco yoga,floor mat
$55 Yoga Made from natural rubbers' biodegradable material, they offer superb traction and a high-rebound dense cushion. Our mats are longer than traditional yoga mats. 24" x 69" x 3/16"

$55 Mat in 3 Colors

$60 Extra Long 24"x 75"x 3/16"

Bamboo & Redwood

yoga block,wooden,bamboo,yoga stretches,redwood
$18. Bamboo and Redwood yoga blocks. The block measures 9” x 6” x 4”. There is also a shorter model of 3".

$18 Solid Bamboo Block 4"

$10 Rosewood Block 3"

$17 Rosewood Block 4"

Soft Grip Balls

soft,medicine ball,pilates weight,wrist,grip easy
$16-20. Soft Weighted Balls provide a comfortable alternative to awkward dumbbells and other hand weights of 3". Come as a pair.

$16 Set of 2 #2

$18 Set of 2 #4

$20 Set of 2 #6

Cinch strap

hurdle,safe plastic,jumping hurdles
$3.30 Cotton Yoga Straps. 6 ft long, 1.5" wide. Anti-slip buckle, various styles. Great for stretching of legs and low back.

6' Cinching Yoga Strap $3.30

8' Cinching Yoga Strap $4.07

10' Cinching Yoga Strap $4.59

Cork Yoga Block

cork,yoga block,stretching,cheap yoga
$12.50. Hold Proper Posture Easier. A Yoga Block provides support for postures that are otherwise too strong or unattainable 4'' x 6'' x 9''

4" Foam Block $12.50

3" Foam Block $4.07

Eco-friendly yoga mat

eco safe,non-pvc,yoga mat,recyclable
$29. The Natural Fitness Eco-Yoga Mat is made from TPE, a revolutionary material that contains no PVC, cadmium, lead or phthalates and is non-allergenic, lightweight and recyclable. Dimensions : 1/8" x 24" x 68". Available in Earth/Moss natural rubbers.

Eco-Friendly Mat $29

hemp yoga strap

hemp yoga,strap,natural fiber,yoga stretchin,cheap strap
$12-15 for 6ft or 8ft. Natural Fitness Hemp Yoga Strap helps you deepen your poses or achieve otherwise unattainable binds.

Try Eco-Friendly Stretching

Pinch Buckle

pinch buckle,yoga strap,low cost, safe,buckle
$5 Cotton Yoga Straps. 8 ft long, 1.5" wide. Anti-slip buckle, various styles. Great for stretching of legs and low back.

6' Pinch Buckle $4.99

8' Pinch Buckle $4.07

3" Yoga Block

3" yoga block,yoga foam,foam yoga
$5 Foam blocks lend support and extension to yoga postures. When placed under the hips, hands, heels, or between the hands, they provide the stability and grounding needed to extend fully.

$5 Cotton Yoga Blocks 3"

4" Yoga Block

4" yoga block,yoga foam,foam yoga
$7.34. Dimensions: 4'' x 6'' x 9''. Foam blocks are made from a sturdy, scratch resistant foam. You will find these blocks to be very strong and durable, and yet incredibly lightweight and comfortable. Foam blocks lend support and extension to yoga postures.

$7 Cotton Yoga Blocks 4"

Nature Yoga Mat

nature mat,colorful yoga mats,design mats
$12-15 for 6ft or 8ft. Nature Collection mats are a full 1/4'' thick and 72'' long! Nature Collection yoga mats offer a sticky, non-slip surface that is beautifully blended with designs reminiscent of nature.

Nature Style Long Yoga Mats

Divine Yoga Mat

divine mat,extra thick yoga mat, extra long yoga mat,tall yoga,natural rubbers
$80. Extra Thick & Extra Long- 24"x 75"x 5/16”. The super mats are made from natural rubbers.

$80 Extra Thick & Long Mat

D-Link Buckle strap

Dlink,yoga straps,buckle strap,d buckle
$5.69 Cotton Yoga Straps. 8 ft long, 1.5" wide. Anti-slip buckle, various styles. Great for stretching of legs and low back.

6' D-Link Yoga Strap $5.69

8' D-Link Yoga Strap $6.09

10' D-Link Yoga Strap $6.44

Jumbo Yoga Block

tall yoga block,tall block,yoga blocks,jumbo blocks
$19. For really tight muscles and tall people. Block measures 5'' X 6-3/4'' X 12''. Stacking blocks in order to accommodate taller or less flexible yogis can be an unsafe proposition. Use a Jumbo Foam Block.

Jumbo Foam Blocks $19

yoga mat Bag

yoga bag,mat bag,mat bolster,yoga holder
$9. Nylon Yoga Mat Bag with middle mesh for ventilation. Full-length zipper for easy access.

Holders, Yoga Mat Bag

yoga DVD's

yoga dvd,youth yoga,prenatel yoga,special yoga dvd
$12+. DVD's for Kids yoga, prenatal;, postnatal, athletes, beginner level, and many others.

Yoga DVD Assorted

Round Yoga Pillows

yoga pillow,round,circle pillow,head support
$38. Round Pillow, 28" long x 10" across. Handles on end. Made of 100% cotton. With washable cover.

Round Yoga Pillow $38

Rectangle Yoga Pillows

yoga pillow,rectangle,square pillow,head support
$36 Rectangle Pillow 24" long x 6" high x 12" wide . Handles on end. Made of 100% cotton. With washable cover.

Rectangle Yoga Pillow $36

Bands & Tubings

the Stretch-rite

stretching aide,stretch cord,cable stretch
$17. The Stretch-Rite System features six progressive handgrips that offer a comfortable hold. This easy-to-use exerciser provides cong or unattainable 4'' x 6'' x 9''

Hold Legs to Stretch Deeper

JC Travel Bands

jc bands,theraband,unbreakable,strong bands,therapy tube
$19.95. JC Travel Exercise Bands are extremely versatile, effective and portable. Shorter length (2') makes it versatile. Comes in three tesions varieties.

Nearly Unbreakable Bands

Tubing Band & Handles

handle bands,theraband,unbreakable,strong bands,therapy tube
$12 per tubing with 2 plastic handles. Three pack available. Easy, medium and hard tensions.

Easy Indoor Workout

Get 3 Pack and Save for $25

Flat Thera-Bands

cork,yoga block,stretching,cheap yoga
$4 - $7. Various Resistance. 6 ft bands

Thera-Band to Rehab Injuries

Various Bands: 5 foot

Xtensor Hand Exerciser

jc bands,theraband,unbreakable,strong bands,therapy tube
$39 For anyone who is looking to develop the muscles in their hands or relieve stress caused by routine activities or certain disorders. Stress issues in the hands and wrists are common to anyone who performs tasks with the hand in a mostly closed position.ase model. Features: 2 comfort pads, 13 finger bands in 3 different sizes to custom fit any hand, Resistance bands provide up to 700% elasticity and 3 different lock positions to set tension.

Do You Use Computers? Have Wrist Pains?

Dyna-Flex Pro Gyro Exerciser

dynaflex,wrist therapy,carpel tunnel,rehab,arthritis
$26 The Dyna-Flex Pro Plus Gyro Exerciser is perfect for anyone who engages in repetitive wrist and arm motions, either at work or in sports (e.g., golf, tennis, etc.). It strengthens your wrists, arms, grip and range of motion. Designed with a high performance rotor which can reach speeds of up to 11,000 rpm and creates 35lbs. of torque.

Great For Wrist Pain & Elbow Therapy!

Dyna-Flex Exerciser

dynaflex,wrist therapy,carpel tunnel,rehab,arthritis
$19 The Dynaflex Pro is a newly designed fun and almost addicting new product that not only can be used as an executive relaxer, a carpal-tunnel/arthritis reliever, or a strength and coordination builder, but will knock your socks off! It is designed with a high performance rotor, which can reach speeds up to 9,000 rpms and it puts out 35 pounds of torque. All you have to do is HOLD ON

Entry Level Tension!


Baseball Training tools

Hit A Way - Junior

zipnhit,baseball,stike,tball,hit ball
$44.80. Start child out by hitting a ball on the T-Ball stand, then graduate them to getting comfortable swinging the Neoprene bat and hitting the moving ball. Perfect for indoors or out. Comes complete with pole, base, bat and two balls.

Junior Hitting Tool

SoftBall & Baseball

hitaway,hit baseball,softball tool,swing, hit away
$27 Hit-A-Way is a batting aid for ball players of all ages that attaches to most trees and poles, in your backyard or on the field. Practice hitting to all fields, hitting high, low, or middle pitches; hitting fast or slow pitches, and batting right and left handed.

Hit A Way Adult BaseBall $27

Softball version $27

Pitching Machine

pitching,ball machine,baseball,batting practice,hitting
$236. Develops hand-eye coordination, technique, muscle memory, and bat speed. Three pitching angles, slow arc, high arc, and quicker knee high pitch. Adjustable timing. Uses baseballs, softballs, and practice balls. Rechargeable battery. Portable, lightweight, durable.

Backyard Pitching Machine!

Indoor T-ball Set

indoor tball,baseball,kids baseball,t bases
$80 No need for gloves with this pack! Everything has been selected for safe and fun indoor use. Perfect for any age PE class or for teaching baseball/softball fundamentals anytime.
Includes: 1 Adjustable Batting Tee, 1 Set of Throw Down Bases, 2 Foam Bats (1 - 24", 1 - 27"), 2 Foam Softballs, 6 Superlight Softballs and 1 Mesh Storage Bag.

Great Birthday Gift For Kids $80

Youth batting Tee

batting tee,kids tee,baseball,ball rope,tethered
$17.50 The most value for your dollar. Set includes rubber home plate, adjustable rubber tee top and a tethered sponge rubber ball. Tee adjusts from 28"-38". Easy assembly.

Teethered Batting Tee $17.50

Deluxe batting tee

batting tee,kids tee,baseball,ball rope,tethered
$23 This heavy rubber tee adjusts from 22" to 47". A great value!

Deluxe Tee - Hit Better $23

Soft Baseball

soft baseball,kids baseball,safe ball
$2 Spectrum Soft Training Baseball. Synthetic leather cover, flexible sponge rubber core. Ideal for Tee Ball or indoor/outdoor training.

Getting Hit Wont Hurt! $2

Light Weight BaseBall

soft baseball,kids baseball,safe ball
$3 Spectrum Lite-70 Baseball. Easier to catch and throw. Official size ball weighs only 70% of regular balls. Lightweight, synthetic cover eliminates fear factor.

Never Fear The Ball Again $3


Golf Training aids


Markwort Power Swing Golf Training Aid. $$ 71.95
Add 40 yards to your drive. Develop strength and muscle memory. Perfect a smooth powerful swing using wind resistance

Boost your Golf Game. Try Now

Pure Putting Mirror

batting tee,kids tee,baseball,ball rope,tethered
$22. Excellent aid for perfecting the putting stroke. Promotes correct head and shoulder position. Quickly improves putting stroke by providing instant feedback. Guides putter along swing path.Iindoor/outdoor use.

Fix & Refine Your Golf Putt! $22

power zone Golf

soft baseball,kids baseball,safe ball
$20. Power Zone by Izzo Golf Swing Training. Created a consistent impact position. Develops upper body strength. Improves consistency of swing

Golf Drives with Power! $20

Putting Pegz

batting tee,kids tee,baseball,ball rope,tethered
$22. Two lines are stacked vertically for visual feedback during practice. Promotes "eye over the ball" and a smooth putting stroke.

Click To Putt Perfectly $22

assist Swing trainer

soft baseball,kids baseball,safe ball
$88. With the correct hand action, club head speed dramatically increases for longer, straighter shots with less effort. Builds strength in the muscles most important to your golf swing. Promotes timing and extension. Available in the three sizes: Men's (39 1/2" Right Hand), Men's (39 1/2" Left Hand) or Ladies (27" Right Hand).

ASSIST your Golf Game! $88

ball Back Putting

putt return,golf,putting tool,indoor golf$49 Nine Foot Long Direct Return Putting Green. This one hole 9' putting green with non-skid backing features a continuous return of the ball to the putter. Balls return from cup ( thru tunnel ) and back and side gutters. Track allows continuous and direct return of ball with every shot. Use indoors or out for improving you game or just for fun!

Perfect for the office and home

Power Blocks

Adjustable Dumbbells & Stand. Sportblock is $169 and adjustable from 3-21 lbs. in 3 lb. increments. Personal PowerBlock is$299 and adjustable from 5-45 lbs. in 5 lb. increments. These are more sturdy and durable than the Bowflex version.

Power Blocks or Sport Blocks

golf mini Clubs

hitaway,hit baseball,softball tool,swing, hit away
$24 Golf Mini Putter head has a rubberized outer layer over a metal core with metal shaft. 27"L putter has a yellow putter head and is recommended for kids up to 50" tall. The 29"L putter has a red head and is suitable for kids 48" to 64" tall.

Kid's Golf Mini Putters $24

Power Blocks

Adjustable Dumbbells & Stand. Sportblock is $169 and adjustable from 3-21 lbs. in 3 lb. increments. Personal PowerBlock is$299 and adjustable from 5-45 lbs. in 5 lb. increments. These are more sturdy and durable than the Bowflex version.

Power Blocks or Sport Blocks


Baseball Training tools


Louisville Slugger Portable Practice Net
$130. Net is 7' in diameter ans folds into a 42" diameter circle. Free carrying bag included. Ideal for batting practice, soft toss, pitching/throwing drills, backstop and much more.
Click Here to Pitch and Never Chase Balls!


Centering Aid - Football / baseball / lacrosse


Accuracy Throwing Net
. For Quarterbacks and Pitchers! This 24" circle adjusts from 12" point after accuracy to 48" punt centering accuracy. Aid is constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel tubing with a weighted base for stability.
Click to see Accuracy Throwing Net

inflatable teammate Goalie


Accuracy Goalie Inflatable Teammate
. Get more players involved when you eliminate the need for a goalie with our Inflatable Teammate! Also works great as a dodgeball target, as obstacle.
Made of heavy-duty 0.25mm thick vinyl & double thick base for extra durability. 56" tall X 40"W. Includes an air inflation valve and a bottom valve for filling with sand or water. Click to see Inflating Goalie - Throwing Target