front 1 side 1




Sit on incline bench and ground your feet wide and solid.

Hold bar in a hands-down position with a narrow grip. The grip distance should be about the width of you torso.

Hold bar around chest level (or nipple line) but off the chest

Anchor your shoulder blades downward and retracted together. Activate core by drawing in belly button towards spine and squeezing gluts.

This is the starting position.




With out changing any torso muscles, move only your shoulder and elbow joint as you begin to press the bar towards the sky.

You should press directly upwards , making a vertical pillar with your entire arm.

Once your elbow is straightened, flex the rear of the arm muscles as tightly as possible.

Keeping your shoulder blades anchored and squeezed, allow your elbows to bend as your hands come closer to the body at shoulder width.

Pause when you feel the need to relax your shoulder blades. This spot is the limit to your range. Hold for 1".

Repeat desired reps.