sumo squat sumo squat
sumo squat sumo squat



Stand with feet about 6-12" wider than hip width. Slightly rotate your feet outwards about 5-20 degrees to increase focus on toning of the butt and hamstring area.

Clasp hands together behind your head, without tugging on the neck!

Note: Keep your head and eyes looking level the entire time.



With belly squeezed, begin by slowly bending the knees and lower your body towards the floor.

Be sure to keep your hips and torso straight and in unison by contracting your belly the entire motion.

Lower to your limit and pause 1-3".

Before standing up, think of digging in your heel, squeezing the core and moving slowly. With 1 breath out, make it happen just as imagined.

Note: As you stand tall, keeping the shoulder blades snug in control.