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Use locking smith machine bar is best, but any bar fixed into location will work.

Sit your butt on the ground, placing your hands on the bar in a comfortable grip, wider than your shoulders.

Lift your hips towards the sky, straightening your body into a plank position (straight as a board from head to toe). Press your heels into the ground and be sure to squeeze butt and belly to prevent your hips from dropping low.

Squeeze your shoulder blades together into a tight, retracted position. Hold this squeeze throughout the entire exercise!




Begin to lift your body towards the bar by squeezing your elbows towards the ground. Try to feel the movement in your back, as opposed to your biceps as you lift.

As your straight body lifts towards the sky, your nipple line should line up with the bar.

When your elbows reach a 90* angle, pause and begin to do a final squeeze with your shoulder blades. Hold this position 2-3".

Breathe out slowly as you begin to lower your torso to the ground. Squeeze your belly and butt tight in order to easily keep your hips up!

Stop when your arms are straight ned but you are still able to maintain the squeezed retraction in your shoulder blades. Pause 1-2".

From this point, begin the next repetition for desired amount. Keeping your shoulder blades tight, start the process over again..