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Gently hang from bar or pull-up machine handles without swinging.

Grip handles with palms facing your face. Keeping a neutral grip with you r thumbs pointing at your face is also an option.




From the dead-hang, begin to squeeze your shoulder blades and begin to pull your body up towards the bar.

Keep your forearms loose as you lift your body off the ground. Squeeze the shoulder blades tightly at all times.

As you rise, begin to pull your elbows towards your torso.

Puff your chest up and breath in as yo rise, stopping as your chin reaches bar level.

Pause for 2-3" at the top of exercise. Squeeze the shoulder blades together again and hold them tight before you begin to lower your body.

As you lower, move slowly as you straighten your elbows until you can no longer hold the shoulder blades together.

Pause at a dead hang. Repeat desired reps.