thigh, body legs, press



Align knees over your toes. Place flat feet either at hip or shoulder width stance.

With your back sitting tall against back pad and shoulders squeezed to the rear.

For ATHLETIC TRAINING, use a wider, sport-specific stance. (i.e. golfer's stance, surfer stance, or dancer's stance to name a few)



Sit tall, maintaining a straight spine by squeezing your belly button in tightly. Keeping good quality posture.

Slowly press you legs upward against the foot platform. Straighten your legs fully with constant pressure in your toes and heel.

Hold 1-3 ". Contract leg muscles but do not lock out the knees.

Begin to lower the platform slowly. As your knees begin to bend, they should not wobble to the sides.

Stop when you feel your low back begin to lift off the backrest of your knees have discomfort as they near your chest.

Pause 1-2" and drive force in through your heels and toes as you repeat your next repetition.