side view 1
lat side muscle




Sit in a comfortable position, either on a ball or bench below an overhead cable with 2 separate handles to hold.

Grasp the cable handles with a wide comfortable grip, knuckles up with palms forward and sit on the seat with thighs under the support. Always keep your feet flat on floor.




Keeping your core tightly squeezed, begin to slowly squeeze your shoulder blades downward towards the floor without bending your elbows.

Squeeze them downward as you pull your left elbow towards your front hip bone.

Pause when you reach a low point, squeeze your sides, abs and lats for 1-2".

Keep your shoulder blades tightly downward as you begin to straighten your left elbow as you reach upward. Pause once arms are in in the original "V" position.

Pull your right elbow down towards the front right hip bone. Contract the muscles as you hold 1-2".

Raise elbow slowly, returning to the "V" position. Alternate and repeat till failure.

Note: to work more large muscles, be sure to relax your grip squeeze as you pull the weights downward.