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lat side muscle lats




Sit in a comfortable position, either on a ball or bench below an overhead cable with 2 separate handles to hold.

Grasp the cable handles with a wide comfortable grip, knuckles up with palms forward and sit on the seat with thighs under the support. Always keep your feet flat on floor.




Keeping your core tightly squeezed, begin to slowly squeeze our shoulder blades downward towards the floor bend your elbows.

Pull your shoulder blades straight down towards the floor and pull smoothly downwards. Squeeze them downward at together to the rear. This is your foundation.

Begin to pull down one elbow, coming together in the back and as far towards the floor as possible.

Do not lean back and use your body weight to pull the weight down. Arch your back in the middle and resqueeze your belly.

Pause once your fist nears inches above your collarbone. Hold 1-2".

Slowly, return the weight upward until your arm is straight, keeping the foundation position. Switch sides and repeat with opposite side.

Pause frequently to squeeze your shoulder blades and belly before beginning to pull the weights downward when learning this scapular control.

Repeat to failure or repetition amount.