crunch 1 side 1



Align knees over your toes. Place flat feet either at hip or shoulder width stance.

With your back against back pad and shoulders comfortable under shoulder pads, grasp hand lever and release.

For ATHLETIC TRAINING, use a wider, sport-specific stance. (i.e. golfer's stance, surfer stance, or dancer's stance to name a few)



Stand tall, maintaining a straight spine by squeezing your belly button in tightly. Keeping good quality posture.

Squat down slowly , keeping pressure against the back pads as you begin to lower.

Stop when you reach a depth that feels comfortable and within your bodies range of motion.

Hold 1-3 ". Begin to stand up to starting position.

Note: As you stand, drive extra pressure through your heels than your toes.

Repeat desired amount of reps.

A great way to challenge your functional core strength while burning extra calories as you train for endurance and body sculpting.