side view 1
bar curl



Stand tall, squeezing your belly tightly the entire time.

Hold a bar with your palms facing up. You grip width should be slightly wider than your shoulders.

Begin to anchor your shoulder blades back together and hold them tightly with your elbows staying anchored against the sides of your torso.




Keeping your core tightly squeezed, and your elbows snug to the side, begin to slowly bend your elbows as you lift the bar towards your chin.

Bring the bar as high as you can. Hold on top for 2-3" squeezing your biceps as hard as possible.

Keep your biceps squeezed the entire way as you lower your hands to the floor. When lowering, your shoulder blades and elbows remain frozen in their starting positions.

When finished with the repetition, be sure not to swing your body or arms as you begin to lift the bar as you repeat your desired amount.